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7 DAYS JUMP START to PCOS-Smart program Did you know, one out of every 10 women suffer from Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)? Your lifestyle and the food you eat are the main reasons that c..

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7 DAYS JUMP START to PCOS-Smart program

Did you know, one out of every 10 women suffer from Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)?

Your lifestyle and the food you eat are the main reasons that cause PCOS.

Just following a low-calorie diet to lose weight doesn’t really target the root cause of PCOS, which is hormonal imbalance and toxic-build in the vital organs.

So, what can you do?

The best solution is to detox your organs, improve your gut health and balance your hormone levels.

Easier said than done! But there is more! a lot more!! Want to know more?

Join our 7 days jump start to PCOS program

BEGIN WITH  a Live interactive session with Avantii Deshpande and her team, to understand PCOS management :

(a)   What is PCOS and different types of PCOS

(b)   What should you look to identify if you have PCOS

(c)   Tests to be done for diagnosis

(d)   How to manage PCOS



A session with Avantii Deshpande to discuss, analyse, set goals for your PCOS plan - expectations and benefits!


Easy to follow 7-day diet plan. Breakfast to Dinner. Based on your food habits, practices and life-style too.


2 Bonus recipes that are nutritious and effective for detox - juices, soups, salads.


Every participant is a part of a whatsapp group. Live support is provided by expert Diet team to follow through.


Evaluating the efficacy of the 7-days goals, you may enroll for the 90-days PCOS SMART program to strengthen your goals.


Q1          Are the meal plans suitable for vegetarians, Jain and vegans

A1          Yes, there are a lot of options given based on your choice of foods

Q2          Do you also handle lean PCOS

A2          Yes we have a special diet plan for lean PCOS

Q3          What after the 7 days of following the diet plan

A3          The 7 days diet is a kickstart to the 90days program and you can either sign up for the program which will be offered on a discounted cost , or then continue the diet for a month and see the results and then sign up.

Q4          What if I have food allergies

A4          Your special case will be handled by our team of expert nutritionists. It is not about same diet for all!

Q5          What if I am going on vacation for the 7 days (during the 90 days program)?

A5          The program benefits are achieved better when you are able to follow the diet to the last ‘t’. So, if you are travelling you could start the diet post that and/or inform our team in advance.

Q6          Do I follow the diet if I have recently taken a COVID shot

A6          You will start the diet 1 week after the shot as the immunity is low and we do not recommend you to start your diet during that time.

Q7          What is the workout/exercise regimen that should be done

A7          The workouts will be discussed in the live session. If you are following any specific workouts, we can discuss and make changes in the diet accordingly

Q8          What if i live alone and not with my family. Does the diet need a lot of cooking?

A8          The diet is planned so that it is comfortable and easy for you to follow. There are lot of easy options given

Q9          Do need to stop me medication during this period

A9          Ideally you need not stop the medication, if there are any specifics it could be discussed with the team of nutritionists.

Q10        Will the diet cause any weakness or fatigue

A10        The diet is planned keeping in mind that your health is the priority. So, there is not comprise on the calories that are consumed. But the diet is a balanced diet

Q11        Since I reside outside the country will I be able to attend the live session.

A11        We will share a link of the recording to you so that you do not miss out on the session details and you can watch this at your convenience. Also if you have any questions you may post it in the prescribed messaging box.


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